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BCX has embarked on a programme to migrate all Enterprise customers off of legacy networks onto best of breed Next Generation networks, including the new BCX SMARTFax product.

All clients with analogue fax lines, need to migrate to the SMARTFax product to avoid their fax number being decommissioned.


Client completes BCX SMARTFAX Order form and CRD.
Client’s existing analogue Fax number is migrated to SMARTFax and linked to client’s email address for sending and receiving of faxes.
Client continues to be invoiced monthly by BCX for their line rental and outbound call costs.
Customer requires Internet connection (excluded from SMARTFax pricing).

SmartFax Benefits

Fax number is retained.
No copper lines, no fax cards, no fax machine or ATA devices needed.
Cheaper line rental.
No once off costs.
Sending and receiving of faxes via email in digital format .
Admin console is provided for resubmitting of documents received.
Faxes have higher print quality from email.
Environmentally friendly faxes reduce Carbon Dioxide emissions and reduce the carbon footprint.
Faxes that are received can be forwarded via email.
Fax numbers remain unchanged even if a business changes location.
Direct savings on paper toner fax machine maintenance and repairs etc.
If your email server is down the faxes will queue so no fax will ever be lost.
Faxes can be received in any location worldwide.
Faxes remain confidential as they are delivered directly to the users email address.
Users can digitally store and archive faxes without having to scan them.

SmartFax Pricing

Contract Period Monthly Line Rental
2 Year R199.00
3 Year R169.00
5 Year R139.00

*Prices are excluding VAT and outbound call costs

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